Nationwide Burial At Sea can arrange for charters from large major ports as well as smaller ones. Wherever there is a commercial marina, Nationwide Burial At Sea either has a vessel or can secure one for you.  From the East Coast to the West, Gulf Coast, and Hawaii, Nationwide Burial At Sea has a large selection of vessels and experienced captains for your memorial service at sea.

In addition, we can locate vessels even in less popular locations, just ask. 


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New York

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We're Adding More States to Our Site. If You Don't See Your Selected State, Just Ask.


Burial At Sea Ports
Burial At Sea Ports
Burial At Sea Ports

Helpful Hint

Many popular ports used for at sea burials are also vacation destinations and may have limited availability around holiday weekends and summer vacation, so plan ahead of time if possible.

When traveling to the port, we recommend scheduling your private charter early in your stay to allow for back up days in case poor weather or ocean conditions do not allow for your ash scattering ceremony to be held at your preferred time.

Complete your funeral at sea planning right with Beautiful Scattering or Biodegradable Urns.

Our unique selection and price range fits any budget.  Here are just a few: