How It Works And What To Expect 


Working with Teraloom is a bit different than working with other companies that offer ash scattering services. While others take the planning out of your hands, we aid you in creating a highly personalized ash scattering ceremony designed to truly honor your relationship with your loved one. 


To get started, call 720-772-6492 or email We can discuss the port of departure and number of passengers. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.


What you need to know:

Costs range between $700.00 and $1200.00 depending on the vessel size and number of passengers.  The average cost is $850.00. 

Let us know the number of expected passengers and the port of departure or where you'd like to scatter.  

What will be provided?   

A licensed Captain Experienced in Burials at Sea and Ash Scattering Ceremonies and a Coast Guard inspected vessel.

What can you expect?  

  1. Plan to be on board one to two hours, depending on the port.

  2. After leaving the dock, the mate or captain will tell you when you have reached the site of the ash scattering ceremony or burial at sea (if using an urn).

  3. While anchored at the sea burial site, you may recite prayers and readings, or share your favorite stories and memories of your loved one. You may also toss flowers, flower petals or use a biodegradable wreath.

  4. At the conclusion of the sea burial service, the captain will return you back to port.