Full Body Burials At Sea

Full Body Burial at Sea came about for very practical reasons: vessels had no means to preserve a body, therefore the body was sent overboard. While there may not be a historical timeline of such practices it's safe to say full body burials date back to ancient times. In recent history, whole body burials at sea took place during World War II when naval forces were at sea for weeks and months. Traditionally the body was placed into a shroud, sewn of sailcloth and weighted to assure the body sank to the ocean floor. 


Today, shrouds are still used and are beautifully custom made using cannon balls for ballast. The full-body casket-free Atlantic & Pacific Sea Burial Shroud™ is eco-friendly per USCG regulations. (Photo Credit: New England Burials at Sea)


Costs include round-trip sailing to the site of internment to reach the required 600-foot depth as required by the Environmental Protection Agency.  This distance will vary based on the port of departure.  The costs below include a round-trip voyage, vessel, crew, an environmentally-friendly shroud and the required weights. 


                                        Attended Service    /        Unattended Service

  • New England                       $13,200.00                    $12,100.00

  • 90 miles

  • NY/NJ/MD/DE/VA/NC/SC        $16,500.00            $14,300.00

  • 150-180 miles

  • South Florida                       $12,100.00                     $11,000.00

  •  20 miles

  • California                            $13,200.00                       $12,100.00

  •  14 miles 

  • Excludes Funeral Director Fees - Round trip miles are approximate   






















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