Free Scattering Tube / Bio Urn 

Nationwide Burial at Sea will provide a free ash scattering / biodegradable burial at sea urn with every family charter. Must allow 5 business days to process. 

Temp Urn.jpg

If what you have looks like this, then you should be using the urn designed for scattering and burials at sea.


Designed and manufactured for Nationwide Burial at Sea, these Sea Services Urns will allow for a controlled flow of the cremated remains as they are scattered at sea.


Don't want to scatter?  These urns can be placed in the water. It will descend and release the ashes in within 24 hours.



cropped photo of urn.jpg

Call or email us today for more information about scattering tubes, burial at sea and additional funeral at sea topics.


Sorry, these are not available for resale. Only Nationwide Burial at Sea customers are eligible to receive this free urn.