How to Plan a Burial at Sea


An Act Of Love

A loving relationship with a family member manifests itself in more ways than we can imagine. Arranging for their eternal rest is also an act of love that may not be recognized as such as we wade through the mechanics of family notifications and making arrangements with a funeral director and estate matters.



Perhaps it was your loved one’s last wish to have a burial at sea. Or, perhaps your loved one did not express a preference for the disposition of his remains and left it for you to decide. Whatever the circumstances, you have been entrusted with, or have taken it upon yourself, to perform a final and enduring act of love: committing their remains to the ocean.
After working with hundreds of families, the team at Nationwide Burial At Sea understands the questions asked and how daunting this processes can be. That's why we offer two options: You can let Nationwide Burial At Sea owner Donna Capara, an expert in the field, help you arrange your ash scattering service at sea. Or you can purchase our guide if you prefer a more DIY approach.


In the Guide, we've got burial at sea explained.  We cover topics from how to scatter ashes at sea, what to do about sea sickness, how to handle children on board, and everything in-between. This guide is intended to remove the uncertainty surrounding the time-honored tradition of spreading ashes in the ocean around such topics as: 
    •    Types and sizes of Boats - Passenger Capacity
    •    Locations
    •    What Happens if it Rains and Cancellations
    •    How to Scatter Ashes in the Ocean
    •    What’s the difference between scattering and burial?
    •    Using an Urn
    •    What to expect on board
    •    The Service
    •    Military Honor Guards
    •    Unattended Burial at Sea
    •    EPA Laws and Guidelines
    •    California VS-9 Permit
    •    Helpful Hints
    •    So much more



With Your Purchase, you'll receive one-on-one support and a boat referral for one price.
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