Donna Capara, owner of Nationwide Burial At Sea, got her start in the funeral at sea business after she found herself unemployed after many years as a Manufacturing Applications administrator.  A friend said she had a friend in need of some temporary office support, the key word being temporary.  Donna figured she'd do this while she looked for another position in the manufacturing community (a shrinking job market on Long Island).


After a few short weeks, Donna’s role as office support turned into answering calls and assisting customers in locating a vessel for burial at sea.  What she brought to those initial phone calls was not only recommending vessels, but lending a compassionate ear.  She, too, had suffered a very personal loss, as we all have at some time or other.  Donna’s experience with the funeral providers that assisted her left her feeling just like another job; they had little empathy nor showed the slightest bit of sympathy.  Understandably they have a job to perform and encounter grieving families everyday, but Donna still felt there could be more to the customer experience, regardless of the fact it was funeral planning.


As weeks turned into months and then years, Donna realized this was not temporary and that she was firmly planted in the business of sea burials.  In those years, she assisted thousands of families; some of which she laughed with, many she cried with, but at the end of each of those calls, they knew there was someone on the other end that understood and would answer each and every question.  After fourteen years, there are few questions Donna hasn’t been asked.  

Donna offers each of her clients her undivided attention, you're not one multiple services going out on a given day.  When you want someone who knows everything there is to know about planning an ash scattering, look to Nationwide Burial at Sea.


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