My name is Donna Capra, former owner of Nationwide Burial at Sea, one of the nation's leading providers of burial at sea. My journey has been filled with rewarding experiences as one can imagine in service to others, however it's time for me to make time for my family. Finding the right person to take over was critical in my selection process, some were far more interested in the "business", rather than the calling, which just wouldn't do.  But as luck would have it, in a serendipitous phone call, Joe Naumann was fact finding and doing his due diligence, because he wanted to expand his scattering services. Was this meant to be? I think yes, so without further ado, may I introduce Joe.


"Joe is an ordained minister and has been

doing destination memorial services and

ash scattering for several years. He

completed a 6 year enlistment in the Air

Force before going to college to obtain a

bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial

management and marketing with a minor

in economics. His dream was to start an

impactful career, helping other people experiencing hardship. Sam Patrick, a close friend from the Air Force, had just lost someone close to him from an untimely death and reached out to Joe with the idea of helping those experiencing grief.  

In 2017 Joe and Sam started Summit Saints, with the mission to help memorialize loved ones who have passed away.  Sam had extensive experience in outdoor recreational therapy and integrated this skill set into helping families undergoing loss. In 2020 they partnered with The Living Urn to help more families all across the United States.  During this time The Living Urn launched the Ecorial app which is the first and only global community focused on honoring and memorializing loved ones in nature.

In 2021 the company re-branded to Teraloom and partnered with Nationwide Burial at Sea to offer more services to families hoping to memorialize their loved ones at sea.  Since then Teraloom has helped dozens of families commemorate the lives of remarkable people. 

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