Planning a burial at sea?  Let owner Donna Capara, an expert in the field, help you arrange your ash scattering service at sea.   With many ports to chose from Donna will arrange your private charter. Did you know the cost of a family attended private charter for 6 passengers is as low as $700.00?  Larger vessels average $850.00 to $1100.00 with some higher.
All it takes is one email or phone call to learn about the many options available and cost differences.  Scattering ashes at sea is very affordable, both attended by family and friends or unattended services are easily arranged.  Additionally, with one point of contact, you will always work with Donna Capara. 
Donna Capara, owner of Nationwide Burial At Sea, has over fourteen years of experience assisting customers finding the right location and vessel. Not many people in the United States have the expertise and knowledge that comes from working with thousands of families. This website is designed to answer the many questions, concerns and practical understanding to Plan a Burial at Sea. You can read more about Donna on our About Page.